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Training On Computer Education

Nai Pahal also organizes computer education session for the women and girls in the area of Seemapuri and Pappu Colony, Ghaziabad. The main objective to commence this training center is to enhance the skills of Adolescent Girls of this particular area in such a manner so that they can uplift their income and live a healthy and happy life. The organization put its efforts in this because this district and especially this area is fall under most vulnerable category of National Capital Territory. Most of people living this area are engaged either home based enterprise or in small scale work. The literacy level of entire area is very poor which leads major health expenses on individual or family.

Considering the socio-economic status of the area, Nai Pahal has decided to open a training centre so that the adolescent girls can get proper education and skills which would help them to earn a sustainable income and they can lead a successful life. Presently, 50 girls are enrolled in the training programme and receive proper training by the trained and skilled teachers. The classes are running in 2 batches and total 25 girls are registered under one batch.

The duration of the one batch training programme is 6 months and after completion of the course, the evaluation of candidates would be done by an external agency. The agency, after regress scrutiny of each candidate gives a certificate which is approved by the Ministry of Human Recourse & Development, Government of India.

Besides of getting training at the centre, the organization also focus on their personality development therefore the organization organizes an exposure visit at least once in a year at successful centre of the entrepreneur. The purpose of this visit is to realize the candidates about their own potential as well as they can enrich themselves with practical knowledge.