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Girl’s power-Expressing feeling and confidence after getting certificates




“Putting a step forward towards empowerment”

From the Desk of founder

Nai Pahal, over the years has been working towards Skill Development, Women Empowerment, Community Based Issues and wellbeing of ‘the underserved and marginalized individuals and communities. In the year, 2014-15 Nai Pahal has been concentrated towards its development initiatives, organizational growth and Holistic Development of the Society. In the mentioned year, we have extended our support to the community and enrolled more than 200 adult and adolescent at our centre. With our committed services and Professional approach of managing our current functional centers, we have delivered several community based services i.e. organize community meeting, raised community voices at local forums, area Counselor, MLA and other public representatives in the area of Seemapuri, Old Seemapuri, Mandoli, Saboli and Pappu Colony of North East District of Delhi and Ghziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. While I present Annual Report for 2014-2015, I take the opportunity to THANK all our Donors, Partners, Government stakeholders and colleagues and those who have availed our services for uplifting their life and for being part of this journey which has been truly enriching and satisfying one. Nai Pahal continues to remain a ‘developing organization’ by keeping itself on the ground and continuously listening to the voices of women, adolescent, children, Vulnerable and community members and trying to do justice to their rights. With a young and committed team, Nai Pahal will keep doing quality works with synergetic efforts of community and supporters. For us the journey has just begun and we welcome all on this mission.

Manohar Lal Rana
Founder President
Nai Pahal

About the Organization:

Nai Pahal was founded by young professionals of different fields, in the year 2010 with a sole objective of Holistic Development of Society. It is a registered national level Non- Governmental Organization. It is neither profit making nor political in nature.

Nai Pahal is a developmental organization of national repute believes in humanitarian development and facilitating community development initiatives since 2010. Our strategy is to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building their capacities through Education, Skill Based Training and apprenticeship. We are working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society in the rural and urban areas of the country. The organization primarily focuses on the issues related to Health, Education, Livelihood, Women and youth Empowerment, Gender Balance, community based issues and Environment Protection.

Nai Pahal is one of the fastest emerging organizations in the area of Development. Its aim is to render suitable services to the poor and vulnerable persons of the Walled City areas of Delhi/NCR and its surroundings.


We endeavor to provide the less-privileged children, women and Youth education, knowledge, skills, values and facilities that will enable them to compete in the mainstream environment and live with dignity in the society.


We envision contributing significantly towards quality education, healthcare and livelihood facilities to the socially and economically disadvantaged people.


  • To provide better health facilities
  • To provide better education facilities for economic weaker students.
  • To create awareness among the community on Child Protection, women empowerment and community based issues.
  • To develop the skills of adolescent & women through various skill development training programs.
  • To educate community for personal hygiene and environmental sanitation
  • To sensitize the community about the local issues and engage local leaders and concern authorities.
  • To make people self-reliant and self-sufficient.


  • Education
  • Skill Development
  • Women Empowerment
  • Social development
  • Health and Sanitation

Organizational Structure

Audit’s Report

Education-An initiative towards making empower the youths

Nai Pahal believes in mainstream education because it provides a way for success and makes the people capable to learn about the world, earn their livelihood and turn to next step to make their life happy. They could contribute to their family and society in a better manner. Therefore, Nai Pahal always encourage all students and their family members to get high education and also motivate volunteers and team mates to get professional education so that they could work on community issues with interest and understanding. We got success. Today, all team members and volunteers are getting profession education. Nai Pahal motivates all to be part of education system from class 1st to Ph.D.

Skill Development-An initiative for skilling India

Nai Pahal believes in skill to make the girls and women empower. Therefore, Nai Pahal started vocational training centres where it is skilling the youths, especially girls and women through different vocational training so that they could be a part of skill India initiative and earn their livelihood easily. Therefore, Nai Pahal is providing computer education, dress designing, cutting & tailoring, handing craft making, painting, mehandi and beauty culture, etc. Nai Pahal emphasizes both on soft and technical skill to develop their personality. Therefore, it is providing different session on personality development, communication, retail marketing, spoken English and social issues to make them aware about the social and national issues.

Skilled girls behind the bridal girls- Making Bridal during final evolution

Training to make handing crafts

Skilled Girls- Presenting their project during Internal Women’s day

Addressing social issues as child abuse/women violence

Certificate Distribution after completing the one week training

Empower girls- expressing their feeling with confidence

Women Empowerment-A campaign to make the change-makers

Nai Pahal has started a campaign to empower the girls and women as dynamic personality to be a part of the society to change the life of other girls and women through different intervention. Now, girls and women are actively working to improve the life of themselves and others being a change maker. Nai Pahal believes in holistic development of them so that they can face the social, economical and political challenges and contribute to their family and society with strong and capable personality. Therefore, Nai Pahal is making trained them in legal knowledge, importance of education, power of right to information act, role of skill in their life, self defence training to protect themselves and health and hygiene for safe and protected life.

Legal Awareness Session:

The Legal Awareness session is also being organized in this area. The reason behind this activity is there are huge domestic violence problem/issues in this area. Mostly, the breadwinner of the family is male who is very much indulge in drinking alcohol and other harmful activities and because of having alcohol it is very common beat the other family members especially his wife.

Nai Pahal has taken this initiative to conduct legal session so that the domestic violence activities can be minimized and the cases would be raised with appropriate authorities. Nai Pahal organizes legal awareness session once in a months through the legal experts/advocates and social activists. The main issues discussed during the session are mentioned below:

  1. Issues of Domestic Violence
  2. Gender Equality and women empowerment
  3. Child Rights
  4. Right to Education
  5. Right to Information
  6. Child Abuse
  7. Violence at work place
  8. Sexual Harassment
  9. Legal Rights and government services
  10. Juvenile Justice Act

Advocate- Spreading legal knowledge on child and women protection

Advocate- Making aware about child abuse/ women rights

Session on importance of education

Youth empowerment training-An initiative by Delhi police

Girls Participated in one week Seminar (YES) by Delhi Police

Self defence training by head constable of Delhi Police

Self defence training certificate distribution at Nai Pahal Office

Meeting with community women to address social issues

Health and Hygiene Activities:

The organization organizes health camps once in three months for the community women and children under primarily awareness session is being delivered by the doctors and other domain experts. The session includes awareness on seasonal diseases, hormonal changes occurs in adolescent and their results, tuberculosis and its symptoms, diarrhea, prevention of HIV/AIDS, family planning g and preventive approaches from disease etc..

Doctor- orienting about importance of family planning and safe and protected sex

Eye Check-up camp for children-supported by Dr. Shrioff Hospital

Social development-An initiative to exchange the best practices with girls and women by change makers

Change makers addressing the role or girl in a family/society

Celebrating International women’s day & Independence Day celebration with children

Other Activities

Income Generation Activities-Putting Mehandi on the concession of Karwa Chauth

Mehandi Competition

Exposure Visit:

To ensure a cordial relation between staff, management and beneficiaries an exposure visit is also being planned once in a year. The purpose of this visit is to get familiar and share their success/challenges with one another and grooming of entire team with new energy and strategy. The glimpse of the visit is given below.

Visiting Agra, Visiting Jaipur

Networking with local representatives

Meeting with MLA & Interacting with Mayor

NGO Network

Nai Pahal is working with many reputed non-government organization in the north east district of Delhi to exchange the programmes and utilize their expertise to solve out the problem of community and people through collective approach. The network meets on monthly basis to discuss their monthly plans and strategies. Partners NGOs are

(Action India, PCI, Pardarsita, Basic Foundation, Chetanalaya, Asha Deep Foundation, Mobile Chreche, Children Library)

NGOs network – exchange the ideas and programmes

A fashion and dance competition for the promotion of NAI PAHAL


Executive Committee Members

Manohar Lal Rana-Founder Trustee

Anju Lakra- Trustee

Mridula- Trustee

Alpna-Trustee/Program Director

Project Management Team

Hariom Gupta- Project Manager

Project Staff




Sheeba- Teacher

Sunita- Teacher

Neetu- Teacher